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SCP - Containment Breach is a free survival horror game written in Blitz3D.

The events of the game take place in a containment site of The SCP Foundation, a secret organization dedicated to containing and researching anomalous artifacts and entities that threaten the normality of the world. You're thrown into the boots of a Class D test subject, one of the Foundation's disposable human guinea pigs.

Not long after receiving your first assignment, the facility undergoes a massive containment breach, leaving you alone in the darkness with the escaped entities roaming around the facility.

Your goal is to make it out alive. You can also search the facility for documents and other clues to figure out what led to the breach, and even attempt to do your part in fixing the situation.

The main antagonist of the game is SCP-173, an animate concrete sculpture that kills all living things on sight, moving toward its victims at a speed of several feet in one blink of an eye and snapping their necks with irresistible strength and lethal precision. Fortunately, SCP�173 has one key weakness: it is frozen in place as long as someone is looking at it.

To make things more interesting, SCP - Containment Breach has a blinking mechanic that forces the character to blink regularly (which often has fatal consequences in the vicinity of SCP-173).

One of the key elements of the game is the procedurally generated map - no playthrough is the same, and you can never know for sure what is going to happen next. There are plenty of obstacles to make the way out of the facility less pleasant. Decontamination gas that makes you blink faster, locked doors that require a key card with a sufficient security clearance or a specific access code to open, timer switch controlled doors, and of course, several escaped SCPs.

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Published56 days ago
StatusIn development
AuthorOverwater Games
TagsHorror, Survival Horror
LicenseAll rights reserved
Asset licenseCreative Commons Attribution_ShareAlike v4.0 International
Average sessionA few hours
InputsKeyboard, Mouse
AccessibilitySubtitles, Configurable controls

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- New animations for the SCP-008-1 infected human.

- Changed the room where the player appears when leaving the pocket dimension.

- Revamped SCP-066's texture.

- Added █████ █████ █████ event to SCP-860-1.

- Restricted the ability to use ":", "/", "\" and "." characters in a save file name to prevent file system issues.

- Added an Undertow Games startup video.

- Changed the range of the framelimiter to 20-120 FPS.

- Revamped the SCP-914 key card refinery system.

- SCP-079's speech and the sounds for SCP-096 now get streamed using the FMOD library.

- Decreased Fog value from 8 to 6.

- Increased SCP-106's speed from 1.0 to 1.2.

- Fixed the non-canon number of SCP-966 instances.

Bug Fixes:

- Fixed a bug that caused the camera fog value to remain increased after reloading a save file with the night vision goggles equipped.

- Fixed transparency effect of the brushes on SCP-939's model.

- Fixed SCP-714 not halting the effects of SCP-895 and SCP-1025.

- Fixed SCP-1025 achievement's not being able to be unlocked.

- Adjusted SCP-895's hidden "sanity meter" so that it will now deplete when not looking at the monitor feed.

- Attempted to fix a bug that caused SCP-106 to teleport at the same location as the player at Gate A.

- Fixed the explosion effect for SCP-294 drinks.

- Fixed items falling through the floor in SCP-1499's dimension after exiting and re-entering the area.

- Fixed SCP-939 instances getting frozen after leaving SCP-1499's dimension.

- Fixed SCP-173 appearing on the walkway in the starting room after reloading a save.

- Fixed the guard and scientist in starting room to appear once you save and load during the breach event.

- Fixed the blur effect when exiting the pocket dimension.

- Fixed NPCs and items not getting teleported when travelling with the elevator.

- Fixed the glass in room2testroom2 not appearing after the game was reloaded to a point before it was broken.

- Fixed SCP-035 disappearing from the face of the possessed scientist after reloading a save.

- Fixed SCP-205's event breaking after reloading a save.

- Fixed SCP-895's event throwing errors after the player dies to it.

- Fixed issues relating to teleporting entities and items inside elevators (including the player).

- Removed "bb_fmod.dll" which caused "user lib not found" runtime errors.

- Fixed SCP-860-1's alert theme not triggering when the player is not looking in the direction of the forest monster.

- Fixed game sounds still playing after quitting an in-game session.

- Optimized surveillance room monitors.

- Fixed the MenuBreath sound not playing when returning the menu after the ending screen.

- Fixed a hitbox error in the Gate A area.

- Fixed the head rotation of the MTF units when looking away from SCP-096.

- Fixed a bug that allowed the player to travel to the SCP-1499 dimension while under the effect of SCP-008.

- The SCP-008 cutscene won't be played if the player is in the SCP-1499 dimension.


SCP - Containment Breach v1.3.7 (218 MB)
SCP | Containment Breach v1.3.6 (206 MB)

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