SCP V1.3.9


- New Map Creator.
- Added a credits screen after the ending screen.
- Added new step sounds for SCP-939 and SCP-966.
- The scientist possessed by SCP-035 can now be encountered after he's released from the containment chamber.
- MTF Units now inform the control if they want to scan the cameras.
- New radio voice lines for the MTF-units.

- The player can now run slightly longer than before (10 %).
- The stamina will increase faster if the player is not walking and slower if the player walks.
- Made SCP-106 slightly harder to shake off when it's chasing the player.

- Moved the buttons for the entrance doors in SCP-012's chamber and in the server room in the entrance zone.
- Revamped dead Class D texture.
- Some objects in certain areas will not render anymore if the player is outside of their specific rooms.
- Removed the ability to use "<" and ">" characters in the save name as this caused a crash when trying to save the game.
- Minor improvements in the Server Room (room2servers) event.
- Improvements in SCP-1123 event:
    - Optimized Nazi officer model.
    - The officer now has a reload animation.
- Optimized SCP-513-1's and SCP-096's models.

Bug fixes:
- The SCP-106 victim doesn't float on top of the ceiling anymore.
- Fixed the broken gravity system for SCP-860-1.
- The texture of the S-Nav navigator's model isn't flipped anymore.
- Fixed the refuse event of SCP-079 not playing.
- Reduced the loading times of the SCP-1025 pages.
- Fixed certain disconnected waypoints in SCP-106's containment chamber.
- Fixed a bug that caused SCP-096's speed to depend on the framerate.
- Fixed the gravity system for all NPCs.
- Fixed MTF unit's shooting timer being too high, causing the MTF units not to shoot at the player for a long period of time.
- Fixed a lighting glitch that occured after the maintenance tunnels have been generated.
- SCP-049 will not reset after loading a save file and re-entering the surveillance room.
- The fog should now properly reset to it's normal value after equipping the night vision goggles and loading a save file.
- Fixed SCP-970 item duplication glitch.
- Fixed player's path when he is affected by SCP-012.
- Fixed SCP-294 crashing the game if uses a single whitespace as the input.
- Fixed SCP-294's drinks not being transparent if their alpha value is set to 0.
- Fixed the doors in SCP-1123's event not being rotated correctly after reloading the save file.
- Fixed guard's position in room2restroom.
- Fixed a map generation bug that occasionally caused rooms to be rotated to an invalid angle.
- Fixed a bug that caused the RNG to break when using specific map seeds.
- Fixed SCP-096's scream still playing when the player teleports to the SCP-1499 dimension.


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