V1.3.8 is Here


- The barrel in SCP-008's containment chamber now displays an arrow to indicate that the canister needs to be pulled down.
- The player now gets infected by SCP-008 if they get close to SCP-008's canister while bleeding and not wearing the hazmat suit.
- Swapped the SCP-914 outcomes for the Night Vision Goggles on "Fine" and "Very Fine".
- MTF Units now kill the SCP-008 zombie if they encounter it.
- Revamped the guard animations (by Apocryphos).
- Added custom resolution selection for the map creator.
- You can't use some items anymore when you wear certain items (for example, you can't drink anything if you wear a gas mask).
- The startup video will now be played using a library called BlitzMovie rather than DirectMovie.
- You can now save at the Gate-B entrance.
- Removed unused animation from SCP-966's model.
- Optimized SCP-966's animation key frames.
- Tweaked SCP-914 key card refinery system again.
- Added Third Subvision Studio startup screen.

Bug fixes:
- Fixed a crash that occured while quick-loading a save file.
- The SCP-008 cutscene no longer triggers if the player turns into a SCP-049-2 instance.
- The SCP-008 infected cutscene no longer triggers if the player is in SCP-860-1 or the pocket dimension.
- Fixed a bug that prevented the player from picking up more items after the inventory had previously been full.
- Fixed a bug that caused SCP-173 to break the glass in SCP-008's chamber when it is not inside the room.
- Fixed the severed hand remaining selected after using it on a DNA scanner.
- Fixed the CCTV monitor in SCP-106's containment chamber not rendering at all.
- Fixed a bug that caused multiple decals to spawn during the suicide guard event in the restrooms.
- Fixed the slider for the map creator, so that all rooms will be displayed.
- The player can't save when dead.
- Closing the loading screen by left clicking doesn't open/close nearby doors anymore.
- SCP-173's collision radius has been decreased.
- Fixed a crash that occured when opening your inventory.
- The fog doesn't turn white anymore if you go to the pocket dimension by leaving SCP-1499.
- Fixed items,npcs and the player falling through the floor if the room is not rendered.
- Fixed the item dropspeed increasing each time an item has been picked up.
- Another attempt of fixing room overlapping issues.
- Fixed Ulgrin's path during the breach event.
- Fixed the levers in the electrical center: Now they can't be flipped into the control panel anymore.


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Jun 16, 2017

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